Friday, May 13, 2011

bracing for baby Charlotte

here's my sister and i on easter sunday. i'm officially 9 months preggo in this picture and looking quite large!!

i can't believe that sometime VERY soon we will be adding child #2 to our family. so much for our new groove, huh? :) the last month i have been consumed with thoughts about what our little girl will look like, who she will grow up to be, and how our lives will change with a new princess in the mix.

as the only current female in our household {yes, even our dogs, fenway and yawkey, are both BOYS}, i'm looking forward to a splash of pink at last! however, i've never had to do the whole daughter thing before so that's pretty scary... i mean boys are rough, a little smelly, and constantly climbing on things but that's all i know as a parent so that's pretty normal. i myself was quite the least until i discovered g@p kids around 4th grade, so maybe little charley will follow suit.

anyways, i just can't wait to meet her! i went to the doctor today and was quite pleased to find out that we're making some good progress. my doctor said that it could literally be ANY day...and i believe her. already today i've been experiencing quite a few series of contractions {nothing super consistent yet but i'm hopeful!}. in fact, before ryan got home from work tonight, i thought i was seriously going to blow any second. i spent the afternoon furiously working on switching out clothes in greer's closet so that i don't have to worry about it in the next few months. then i took it upon myself to pack ryan's clothes for the hospital, finish laundry, and do some last minute housekeeping just in case something happens soon. all that running around and being on my feet must have been overdoing it a bit! when ryan got home, he sent me to bed for awhile and my contractions stopped. although i've never done this before, i think that's a good sign??

so, i will keep you posted when we meet our daughter! for now, i'm hitting the bed and leaving you with this picture from easter sunday of greer with his cousins...

i hope our little man is more excited about becoming a big brother than he is about having his picture taken :)