Monday, March 7, 2011

wow. i can't believe we're only 5 sleeps away from leaving for our second trip to ethiopia!! i was beginning to think this would never happen and now i'm panicking a little about whether or not we can get everything in order before our trip. ah, the craziness of life always sneaks up on me! oh well. my to do lists can always wait...i've got a little boy to love on and bring HOME. and i doubt he'll even care if i've organized all my fabrics in my sewing room by color, washed the dogs, cleaned all the blinds, dusted ceiling fans, taken books and clothes to go0dwill, etc :)

so, as we wait for this final time, ryan and i are soaking up the last few days as dinks {double income, no kids} and are trying to rest up!! soon we'll be spitks {single + part time income, two kids...and that's just not as fun in an acronym}.

we had a fun, but busy weekend. we spent friday night strolling around the mall like we used to in high school with really no purpose {unless you count my mandated trip to the cookie shop}. and much to our delight, after a quick meal at the good ole mall food court, we ran into my bestie lindsay and her husband joe joe, so that made our strolling even more fun!

saturday was jammed packed with an adorable little guy's 1st b-day party, a welcome home celebration for our friends coming home from ethiopia with their twins, and a dinner with 4 other waiting adoptive families from our agency. {have i mentioned lately how much i love our agency and its families?? i mean seriously. these people were all perfect strangers to us just a few months ago and now it feels like we've experienced a whole lifetime together.}

yesterday, ryan and i taught the pre-k class at church, took our nieces out to lunch and bowling for mikenna's 7th b-day that we'll miss while in ethiopia, headed to do a little last minute stocking up at s@m's club, and finally came home for dinner and house cleaning. i don't know if it is pregnancy related or what, but my feet HURT last night like they haven't in a very long time!! ryan says it's because i don't believe in practical shoes, aka - tennis shoes. maybe for these last 11 weeks of my pregnancy i should rethink it but i don't really believe in any shoes except for flip flops and cute ballet flats. seeing as how i'm in desperate need of a pedicure right now, i've mostly been opting for flats so i guess my feet will have to suffer for the time being.

today, i embarked on my last full week as a full time employee at my job. it's very bittersweet as i'm not really sure what my life will look like not working full time, but i'm really excited to be able to dedicate more of myself to being a full time mommy. when we had R & P, i constantly felt like i was never really able to do anything well...parenting or working. i struggled desiring to be where i wasn't at the time and feeling like everyone around me was getting short-changed. however, moving forward, ryan and i have prayerfully decided that i'll be going part-time at my job, and the organization i work for has graciously allowed me to take a step back. the only problem i see with all of this is that one less income plus two more mouths to feed doesn't exactly add up! yikes, pretty scary but we are trusting the Lord to continue providing as He has been so faithful to do in the past. so, following our return from ethiopia, i'll be working solely from home for awhile so that greer can get acclimated and our attachment process can get underway. after awhile, i'll return to the office 2 days a week and greer will go to my mom's for lots of spoiling while i work. it should be an interesting time and i'm sure we'll have lots of kinks to work out, but i'm so thankful for the privilege to be home getting know my son for awhile!

well, that's basically everything going on in our lives right now as we wait out this last week. i hope y'all had a great weekend!! happy monday to you :)


Barry and Amy said...

So excited for you guys! You are so, so close! How awesome!

While your down there will insist on MOWA and the courts getting their act together? LOL!