Thursday, March 10, 2011

getting SO close

oh my word. i cannot believe that we board our first plane headed back to ethiopia in less than 2 days. i really don't think it has hit me yet that it's finally happening and it may not until we see the gate at the west sands transition home again. although just knowing that i will never have to be on a different continent than my son again {unless of course, one of us chooses to do so}, makes my heart happy!

last night i finally zipped up our little guy's suitcase, re-weighed all our donation bags, and packed up most of our toiletries. i also took it upon myself to randomly self-clean the oven {can you say, yuck! i'm pretty sure that smell was toxic!!}, do a couple loads of laundry, pull out the toddler bath seat and bath toys for greer, and partially clean out the fridge. my sweet husband also joined in on the fun by cleaning and conditioning our leather sofas...a much bigger undertaking than i estimated!

i am feeling more prepared each day as far as things go around the house and with packing, but i have to admit that i'm growing more and more nervous about returning to the game of parenting. i keep asking ryan if he really thinks we are ready to be parents again...especially when thinking of adding another baby to the mix in 2 months...but he keeps assuring me that we'll NEVER be ready. ha! very true. i'm thankful that His grace is sufficient in our weakness because i have a feeling that all our weaknesses will be brought very much to the forefront over the next several months {and YEARS!}.

speaking of adding baby #2, i know i have not given many shout outs lately to little baby charlotte but she is definitely not forgotten! she has been making her presence very well known by her frequent kicks and my growing belly :) i had several people tell me early this week that they felt like my little charlotte bump just popped out all the sudden over the weekend. i don't know if i can really tell a drastic difference, but either way, i'm just thankful that she's growing and doing well. i never heard back from my doctor's office on my gestational diabetes test, so it looks like i'm in the clear {despite that lovely bowl of sugary cereal i ate the morning of the test}! i have my next doctors appointment on the wednesday following returning home from ethiopia so i am sure i'll be anxious to get back and check on little charley's progress by then. per my doctor's orders, i will be wearing some lovely support stockings, walking a lot, and staying hydrated during our long flights so that both little C and i are in good shape.

it's kinda fun to think that charley has been along for this crazy rollercoaster ride to bring her brother home. seeing that i found out that i was pregnant just a few days before we received greer's referral, i can't wait to explain to the kids when they are older that we basically started and finished this crazy process as our little family of 4!! God's plans really are better than our plans :)

anyways, tonight we are celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday a little early with some delicious thai food and cupcakes from gigi's...yumm!! we're sad to be missing 2 birthdays {my mother-in-law's and my youngest niece, mikenna's} while we're gone, but i think both birthday girls understand!

well, enough with boring details from our little neck of the woods. hope y'all are having a good week so far, and bring on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!