Friday, March 4, 2011

flights are booked.

we booked our flights last night and i think things are pretty much in order for our trip to bring greer home. what a relief!

we are going to be leaving kentucky on saturday, march 12th, staying in D.C. over night, then leaving D.C. on sunday afternoon for arrival in ethiopia on monday morning. on tuesday, march 15th, we'll take greer with us to the US embassy in addis for his visa interview. from what we've heard from other families, this interview is pretty easy...about 5 minutes of quick questions to confirm that what we've been told about his background is accurate compared to his paperwork. if we pass the interview, the embassy will keep his passport for 2 additional days and stamp in his visa for his entrance into the US.

on thursday, we'll pick up his passport and begin packing our bags and saying our goodbyes before flying out on friday evening. thinking about leaving the friends we've made in ethiopia at our adoption agency without a scheduled return is already hard, but at least this time we aren't leaving our boy!! i know that the nannies at the transition home have taken such good care of our boy and i can't imagine how hard it is for them to have to say goodbye to him. i hope that we can accurately express our gratitude to them while we are there. here is natty greer with one of his favorite nannies on our last trip:

welp, that's all i've got for today...

this weekend will be a busy one! we've got lots to finish on our "to do" lists before leaving, plus some fun stuff thrown in too. i can't wait to hit the ground running and to be a few days closer to reuniting with greer. i hope your weekend is fabulous as well!


Kathy Tong said...

Just read some of your blog. So excited for you. My precious granddaughter, Meki, came home from Ethiopia 18 months ago (she was 14 months at the time). Your pictures are almost of mirror of my daughter and son-in-laws pics. If you want to find me on facebook, I would love to keep up with your homecoming. Kathy Tong

lindsay said...

crazy...but i think we are on the same flight home friday. :) even if we don't meet at the embassy for some reason, we will meet at the airport!! we were destined to be friends!!!

Jamie said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

(this is Jamie btw- just was told this by H & got on to read your post safely)!!