Monday, March 21, 2011

alive and well!

hey there. we are alive and well, so sorry for the silence. we got home from ethiopia with greer on saturday and this is the first time i've been on a computer since last thursday. life is good, just busier and very different.

our little natty greer is such a joy, but truth be told, a challenge too. each day is getting a little easier but i feel like all my energy has been completely sucked out of me by the end of the day...hence why blogging and surfing the internet has been sparse! heck, i haven't even had the energy to watch any of my guilty pleasure reality tv shows, so you know i must be zapped!! hopefully, we'll get in our new groove soon though and i'll have more time to update all you lovely people on our new life as a family of 3! i've got much to say about our last day in ethiopia, the LONG flight home, and of course our little man so i promise i'll get back to blogging soon enough. until then, thanks for checking in on us.

"see" you soon!


Barry and Amy said...

Been praying for ya! Can't wait to hear about it all!