Wednesday, October 27, 2010

shopping for greer

as we wait for our trip in december, more and more i am finding myself getting the itch... the itch to SHOP!!

every time i have a few free moments, i pop open my computer and begin browsing various baby websites on the internet, or i randomly stop by t@rget or b@bies-r-us because i can't help but think of all things i want need for greer. yes, we do still have quite a bit of things from baby P that we will use for the greer man, but truthfully, i am looking forward to getting some new things too!

as much as i always considered myself more of a girl's girl and dreamed of pink bows, cute baby leggings, and tutus, i admit that thinking of cute little sports jerseys and baseball caps make me just about as excited now. while i'm still clinging to my last bit of self-control and haven't actually purchased anything for greer yet...a few of these things may tip the balance soon and send me off the shopping deep end!!

look at all this cuteness:

*come on, what little guy doesn't need to wrangle his dreams in these adorable cowboy pjs from babyg@p??

*how about these adorable ash grey, tiny toms? not only are they precious, but for every pair purchased, one pair is donated to a child in need around the world. that just makes it all worth it!!
*i love mr. verdi the monkey, one of the most adorable blabla dolls. {ryan, if you're reading this...i use the word "doll" very loosely. he's more like a stuffed animal really, promise.} what boy wouldn't love this cute/manly little guy?

*there are so many great children's books about adoption, ethiopia, racial differences, etc. and i cannot wait to buy a slew of them to share with our little greer! these are just a few that i have my eye on...

*and since we'll hopefully be bringing our sweet boy home from africa to the chilly february weather in kentucky, i know he'll need lots of blankets. i love this one from b@bies-r-us, especially if we added his little name embroidered on it!
*and since my sweet guy will be "made in ethiopia", i love this little shirt that proudly states just that from lkdkids shop on etsy.

*and last but definitely not least...some red sox gear for our team's littlest fan!

ok, that's enough of my shopping wish list for now! i'm pretty sure i could go on and on but i'll spare you...for now :)


Jessica Yentsch said...

I'm now following your blog. :) I'll be praying for your family as I'm sure it's SO hard to wait! Super excited to hear all that's going on in your journey!

Jana said...

Such cute stuff!! Baby boy stuff is just so cute and cuddly. And my wallet will not be thanking you, because I now NEED the "Made in Ethiopia" shirt and several of those books. "A Mother for Choco" is wonderful. I read it with our boys to help them understand the whole adoption concept. Have fun shopping!!

Bethany said...

Lesli- LOVE all the books!! I've never heard of a few of them, but I've already checked them out on Amazon & added them to my wish list too! SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! We pray for you all often!