Thursday, October 21, 2010

a christmas trip to ethiopia!

merry christmas to us!!!

today has been a wonderful day...we received 11 pictures of our little nathanel and also got word of our court dates! what a blessing both are :)

first things first, the pictures are absolutely adorable. it looks like our little guy is very happy and healthy, and we can't wait to finally meet him in person. oh how i wish i could post the pictures on here but i can't :( however, i will say that i'm pretty sure that he has the cutest big brown eyes ever!! ryan was so jealous because lesley emailed the pictures to me and i got to see them way before him. i forwarded them to him as soon as i got them but his poor computer took so long to download the email because of the huge file sizes. sorry dear!

secondly, we are officially due in court in ethiopia on december 21st. wahoo!! what a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of our Savior! we are already beginning to look into flights and will most likely be leaving the US on december 17th and returning on december 23, just in time for christmas eve parties! we are excited to know that we will be traveling with 2 other families who are also from louisville and will be meeting up with 2 more families from other parts of the country but that are using our same agency. i can't believe we finally have a date! let the count down begin...


Hope said...

Congratulations! Praise the Lord! Can't wait to see those precious pics! =)

Stacy said...

This is SO exciting! Congratulations to you both!

Vince and Kelli said...

We are so trilled for you! It will be the best Christmas! I know that he next couple of months will move along quickly and in no time at all, you will be holding your son!

Amber said...

I can't believe how excited I am and I've never even met you!!!

I guess I just love me a TRUE LOVE STORY!!!!

My heart is so happy for you all and this Christmas-my heart and joy will be with you. How amazing.


lesli said...

Thanks everyone :) We CANNOT wait!!

Brooke said...

11 pictures??? AWESOME!!!! I know the pictures I have of Briar are such a blessing to me. So I know you cherish those pictures!!!! YAYYY!