Friday, October 8, 2010

amos story

i'm feeling unlike blogging today, but i did still want to share this song/music video with you in case you haven't seen it before.

to give you a little background, the amazing musician behind this song is aaron ivey. for the last 2.5+ years, i have been reading his wife jamie's blog. in fact, i really believe that God used her blog {along with a few others} to really begin softening my heart towards transracial adoption. she's awesome and has some great insight on adoption, parenting hurting children, and life in general. anyways, aaron and jamie are now the parents of 4 kids - 1 biological, 1 adopted domestically, and 2 adopted from haiti. jamie and aaron spent a long time longing and waiting for their 2 kids, amos and story, to come home from haiti. in fact, story came home first, and then jamie and aaron had to fight to get sweet amos home after the earthquake earlier this year. this fabulous song is a product of their time spent waiting, praying and dreaming of having their kids home and their family complete. while i cannot even pretend to empathize with them in their LONG wait, i do love this song. it definitely brings my mind to our sweet little greer and i agree that i can't wait to get him here!