Tuesday, October 5, 2010


i was up early this morning putting R on the bus because ryan is out of town. i couldn't go back to sleep, so instead i turned to google reader and boy am i glad i did.

i just read this blog entry from missy @ it's almost naptime, and i really wanted to share. missy was one of the lucky ones who got to attend the together 4 adoption conference this past weekend, and i'm truly jealous. however, after reading her blog and hearing what the Lord was speaking into her heart during the conference, now i'm REALLY jealous!! if you are adopting, adopted, considering adoption or just curious, you should read her entry. it's about the theology of adoption and expresses so many of the things i think most christian families feel through this process: we adopt because we ourselves were adopted. maybe not physically but definitely spiritually. we were adopted by a loving, Heavenly Father who made a costly sacrifice to call us into His family, and who no longer looks at us like orphans but as His children. what a great reminder at the beginning of the day! i can't wait to hold greer in my arms and tell him all about my adoption story!!


Jen said...

our adoption story is my favorite story! how crazy that God not only shows us grace but on top of that invites us into his kingdom. blows my mind daily.

thanks for this post & can't wait for you to get your little guy & lavish love & truth on him!

Amber said...

OH my goodness! I just read about your son, Greer!! How exciting!! God is so good. Can't wait to see his cute face!