Thursday, September 2, 2010

happenings with R & P

these days the boys are still keeping us quite busy! no news to report on their case plan...just the same as a few weeks ago at the home visit - they are currently doing overnights {for around 26 hours) one night a week and still have another 4 hour unsupervised visit. so far things are going alright. it's been hard on both kids in different ways but we're just trying to pray our way through things and trust in the Lord's ultimate plan for their lives...many tears have still be shed on my part though!! :(

as far as regular life stuff, R has started back to school and has joined the ranks of 7th grade this year. so far he really seems to like it and we're hoping for some good marks on his first progress report next week. this is the first year he has actually been enrolled at the same school for 2 consecutive years, so he was really pumped to go back to school and actually know people. he said that not having to start over with making friends again has been the best part of 7th grade so far {melt my heart!}. he also has 3 of the same teachers as last year so i think he's a little more prepared and knows what is expected of him in the classroom, which should help with his confidence and performance. we talked with his mom last weekend about where he'll attend school once the boys go back to her. we are so thankful that she's said that she'd keep him where he is now. we've been trying to reinforce the importance of this continuity for his education and socialization, and i think she's finally on board. we even offered to help her with the transfer paperwork and arranging a bus stop since the school won't actually be his assigned school when he lives with her. she was friendly about it and seem to mean what she said, so we're praying that's true in a few months.

here's a picture of R from the day i got back from afghanistan. he was proudly wearing his hat and scarf i got him there {and making silly faces!}:

little P is seriously not so little any more! i don't know if i just lost some muscle tone in my arm while i was in afghanistan or what, but i can hardly hold him any more without my arm killing me. he turned 16 months old yesterday, which just seems crazy! i told ryan a couple nights ago that i can hardly remember the days of washing bottles, late night feedings and little onesies. it kinda makes me sad, but also just makes me appreciate this fun stage in his life. i like sippy cups a lot better than bottles any way :) he is also talking up a storm lately. some of his favorite new words are - "wywy" {ryry, aka - ryan} , "caw" {car}, "ball ball" {for pretty much anything that is round}, "td" {aka - tv, which mind you, we do not let him watch!! he learned this from his dear nana - my mom}, "no", "gwasses" {glasses - he just got a new pair of sunglasses that he loves}, "choo choo", and last but definitely not least - "baf" {bath! - his favorite time of the day!}.

here's a picture of P boy from the state fair last weekend. him and "wywy" were very excited to check out the birds and farm animals:

overall, life with the boys just continues to go on as normal until someone tells us otherwise! however, since we know that the end is drawing closer, we are definitely squeezing them tighter at night and appreciating every kiss, smile and even sarcastic comment from the tall one more each day :)


Anonymous said...

continually praying for strength and courage for you and ryan!!!! those boys will look back one day (well one can remind) and remember all of the love, lessons, and laughter they shared with a couple who called them family and shared a little bit of Christ with them!!! hugs and LOVE!