Saturday, February 20, 2010

my husband, the olympian

while ryan and i were studying at the university of kentucky we were both involved in campus crusade for Christ (*actually, we got engaged at one of crusade's weekly meetings...but that's a story for another time!). for a year or so, ryan was the emcee of the weekly meetings and made a bunch of funny videos with some of the other guys. occasionally i will randomly think back to some of these videos and laugh.

well, being that the winter olympics are going on right now, i have been reminded very frequently of one of my favorite crusade videos. ryan made it with some of his college roommates during the 2006 torino olympics. for some reason that year, the guys had a fixation on the hilarious sport of curling. here's their attempt to join the 2010 US olympic curling team:

i know that you are probably surprised by this, but unfortunately, ryan did not make his goal of joining the 2010 olympics. darn. he trained so hard...