Sunday, February 21, 2010


over the last few months i have been exposed to more basketball games than i think i have in the last ten years put together. part of this increased basketball exposure has to do with this season's great performance of my alma mater, the kentucky wildcats, and the other part has to do with having R in our family. thankfully, from all this extra basketball i've become quite the aficionado...*well, at least compared to what i used to be :)

here are some pictures of some of the basketball we've enjoyed this season so far:

coach ryan (on the left) giving some advice to R's team

ryan and R before taking R to his first UK game. sadly R is a university of louisville fan so we had to force him to wear that shirt!
R getting some practice time in at home

R reading the program at a UL game (we try to be equal opportunity even though our hearts are with the CATS all the way!)

the UL game

R at one of his games (*please notice the size difference :) i think he's bound to be one of the biggest 6th graders ever!!!)

at the harlem globetrotters game
now we just need our wildcats to win the national title and this basketball season will be the best ever!