Monday, October 12, 2009

visit with our SW

i just realized that i never gave an update on our visit with our SW last week. shame, shame, shame on me!! anyways, the visit was short but sweet. we love our SW are really feel blessed to be matched with her. we've heard from other couples that she is a much needed advocate when in the thick of things. she's always been upfront with us about the system and it's dysfunction, and also very attentive to our endless questions. i just hope our good relationship remains once we get a placement!!

we hadn't seen her since our 2nd home visit a few months ago and had only talked to her sparingly over email and phone since then, so it was nice to touch base again. she said that she looked at the concurrent planning list and we were 3rd!! wow! i couldn't believe that we are third...i was thinking more like towards the bottom or middle of the list, but that just may be my coping mechanism for all the waiting. although she did point out that the concurrent list is never super long, so it still could be awhile before we add any kiddos to our home. she also said that the list was moving very, very slowly for awhile because most of the kids coming into the system were just regular foster placements or were getting placed with their biological siblings in other families instead with waiting families. now, the list is moving pretty regularly again so hopefully it won't be too much longer. maybe before Christmas?? i hope!!!

so, that was that. our meeting was refreshing and it felt good to hear that we are still on the list and do still exist somewhere within the foster care system, even though it doesn't feel like it. with the renewed excitement, i'm trying to keep my anxiety over the waiting in check and keep my perspective on praying for the right kiddo(s) to be placed with us. our true heart behind all of this is to adopt and add kids forever to our family, so we're just praying that we are able to do that at the end of this journey.

we had a great weekend and i've got some cute pictures to share from a trip to Boyd's Orchard yesterday with my nieces. hopefully, i'll get those up in the next day or two. hope you had a great weekend too!