Friday, October 2, 2009

this weekend's docket

what's on this weekend's docket?

-church camp out tonight (depending on the weather!). and can i just say that i haven't been camping since the summer before my senior year of high school? or maybe it was the summer after? i can't remember, but either way, it was a long time ago!! ryan and i were dating at the time and our church youth group took a trip to west virginia to white water raft and camp. i loved the white water rafting part, just not the whole sleep outside, hold your pee or you have to go in the grass part. much to the dismay of my dad and brother, who are super campers/hikers/kayakers/all around outdoors men, i would rather sleep in an rv or something. now that's camping! BUT, since this is a church function and my dear husband wants to go, i will oblige. plus, we are camping on someone's property here in town so it's not like we'll be lost in the woods and i can always walk to my car and drive to the nearest gas station if i need to pee. :)

-closing the green swamp tomorrow - aka: closing our pool for the winter. and yes, it is green now! we've kept up with it pretty well this summer (MUCH better than last summer) but it's still a pain. we hardly ever use it, maybe 6-10 times this summer and it's a lot of work and money for such a little return. it's above ground with a humungo deck around it so i'm not really sure how we can get rid of it, but i think we are going to next summer. it's just a pain unless someone is home to tend to it and use it frequently, which neither of us are. so, tomorrow in the brisk, fall kentucky weather, ryan will be taking a dip in the green swamp so we can get the steps out and get everything closed up properly. should be fun to watch! i told him we needed to close it about a month ago but he didn't listen...oh how i love to be right!! hopefully i can snap a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!

-working on an inner city daycare with our old small group on sunday afternoon. we started this project in the spring and didn't get to finish it up before our group got all switched around but we still want to see the project through. it's a day care center in a pretty rough neighborhood downtown. the daycare will be run through a ministry called here's life inner city, which is a branch of campus crusade for Christ. they are creating a free daycare for single parents who have no way to pay for childcare while they work. in exchange for the free daycare, the parents have to commit to coming to Bible study, parenting classes, etc. our group in particular is working on the room that will be the office for the daycare director and 2 other employees. we have been skim coating the walls and sanding, and will probably do more of that this weekend. when all is said and done, the office will have freshly skimmed and painted walls, new flooring, new desks and office chairs, a cute sitting area and hopefully some computers. it's been a fun project to work on so far and we can't wait to see how everything shapes up when we're finished.

so, what are you doing this weekend??


BrandAshley said...

what am I doing this weekend??? Sitting on my couch....wishing I could have gone to the camp out, at least for a little while. :) I'm sure it was a blast! I actually did get out of the house today. My mom and I went to Target and had dinner at Jason's Deli. It about exhausted me though. I could go to bed right now. Anyway, I just wanted to leave a comment so I wouldn't just be a blog stalker. :) Hope to see you this week!

lesli said...

sorry you have been feeling so bad but i'm glad you're finally home and able to move about more. i'm sure aven is happy to have her momma back!! hopefully i'll get to see ya tomorrow, right? i think we're still on for small group, unless something's changed. feel free to stalk away but now you gave me your blog so i'll be able to stalk you too!! :)