Friday, October 30, 2009

sweeney halloweenie

kelly's korner is back at it again! this week's edition of show us where you live friday is halloween costumes. even though i've yet to buy costumes for our little guys this year (i'll be running out to target later today to work on that so i'm not the worst foster mom ever!), i thought i'd post some pictures of ryan and i from halloweens past:

*this is from my sophomore year of college in the dorms. my friends jessica and kristyn decided to shop in the kiddie section at walmart, while i wanted to go with something a little more creative. i obviously had more time on my hands then!!

*i've always had a thing for firefighters :) oh, and notice the pink paisley galoshes. i love those things and still wear them from time to time!

*this is actually from a spring break pirate themed party with campus crusade, but since ryan was in costume, i felt the need to share! real creative, huh??

*this is from a halloween party last year. ryan was actually really sick and ended up in the hospital the next day. i just look sick, but wasn't actually. if you can't tell, i was a publisher's clearinghouse winner (*aka- too lazy to buy a real costume, so just went with stuff from around the house!!)


Trish said...

YOU crack me up! I love the photos of you all from the past! have a great time trick or treating with all the boys!!!