Tuesday, October 6, 2009


ok, i give up! i have been searching for the last 2 months for a rug for our nursery, and have found nothing. well, i've found lots of somethings, but nothing in my price range. why do stores think it is alright to charge $500 + your firstborn child for a rug? this is not acceptable. i will not forfeit my firstborn (or $500 for that matter).

i've even checked all the usual suspects and can find nothing that will work. i mean people, can you please just make a beautiful/slightly modern, chocolate brown rug that i like and that is in our price range?? i can find some decent patterns in our price range but most of them are on jute rugs, and from my experience with jute rugs in our foyer, i will definitely not be doing that again! every time someone comes over, i am afraid i'll get sued because they've slipped and fallen on our rugs. even with rug gripper, those things cannot be trusted! i definitely don't want to be carrying a baby in the middle of the night and take a dive on the hardwoods.

so, here are a few of the ones i love, but will not be affording:

*from pbteen.com: both $499 for 8' x 10'

*from westelm.com: $549 for 8' x 10'

*from overstock.com: $410 for 8' x 10'

have you seen anything similar for a decent price? if so, i'll love you forever if you lead me to the rug of choice for our nursery! all i'm missing in the nursery are a few more wall decorations and a rug...oh, and a baby of course :)