Monday, October 19, 2009

houston, we have a placement!

yep, you read that right...we got a placement on friday. are you ready for this? 2 boys...5.5 months, baby p, and 13 years old, r. yes, you read that right, a 13 year old and a baby!!! hence why i haven't been blogging. we've jumped into parenthood with both feet! oh, and get this - ryan was out of town for the first 30 hours of having the boys so i was on my own *well, not really...our great families were super helpful and didn't leave me hanging on my own* so, are you convinced that we need to be medicated yet? i am.

i literally have never been so exhausted in my life as i was this weekend, especially saturday. the boys got settled in pretty easily but the stress of the transition and ryan being gone was much tougher than i could have ever imagined. we weren't prepared for a teenager so we had nothing, so shopping was a must on saturday. we shopped til we dropped for food, clothes, etc. i don't have much time for the details now, but things are going as good as can be expected. r is pretty homesick and misses his mom, but we're working through it and haven't had any major outbursts or behavioral problems yet. we have a facilitated staffing meeting on wednesday morning with bio mom so we should know more about the long-term plans for the boys then. i hope to update more a little later and give as much detail as i can but for now, i've got to go make dinner for our growing bunch of boys!!!

*oh, and just a side note - i will not be using the boys names or posting any pictures of their faces on here since it's a public blog. if we're facebook friends, feel free to enjoy some pics of our cute boys, but if not, just use your imagination :)


Hope said...

YAY! So happy for you!

Saying a prayer for you all as you transition.

(And a big pat on the back for opening your heart to a teenager.)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! What a double blessing. I pray that all goes well and everyone adapts quickly. I can only imagine the excitement and joy you are feeling! God bless!!!

Danielle said...

Yay!! Praise the Lord! How exciting for you both! Great news!