Tuesday, October 13, 2009

foster parenting mentor

we had a great visit last night with our foster parenting mentor. she's a really sweet lady who has been fostering for over 4 years. she gave us a lot of insight and encouragement about the system. *and i'm feeling like i need that right now!* she also has a connection with someone on the placement team in our county's DCBS (department for children based services) office, who used to be their case worker. she's supposed to call tonight or tomorrow with her contact's phone number so that we can get in touch with her. she recommended us call her friend so that she's familiar with us in case she needs to place a child that fits our criteria. our mentor said that us being number 3 on the list is great because there are usually several hundred people on "the list" at once - however, the specifics of the child(ren) we are requesting may be what is causing our delay. i'm nervous and hopefully at the same time about contacting her, but we'll see! hopefully if she calls tonight, i can touch base with the placement team worker tomorrow. ryan and i are for sure praying for God's sovereignty and timing!! we don't want to rush anything but we also don't want to miss out on an opportunity either...

tonight we have to pick up a golf club for ryan, meet with our small group, then go to his parents to help them move something, so we should be busy and hopefully will be able to keep our minds off all of the "what ifs" :) hope you have a great night too!