Monday, October 5, 2009

a face lift and a weekend

so i was bored with my old blog design so i gave myself a face lift. what do ya think?? bright colors - check. fallish design - check. free - check. ok, works for me!! i've been wanting to splurge for a total revamp from the design girl for awhile now, but i can't really justify spending the money to the hubby right now when i keep denying him that new golf driver he's been wanting... maybe for Christmas or something, we'll see!

this weekend was lots of fun and went by in a snap, but that's how most fall weekends seem to go, at least for us. we successfully accomplished everything we had planned, although i didn't get my chance to snap a picture of ryan in the freezing cold pool, as promised. sorry to let you down but he decided to take out the pool steps friday night before we went camping so that mr. creepy (aka- the automatic pool vacuum) could work uninhibited by the pool steps overnight while we were gone. we had lots of leaves that had blown in so instead of vacuuming them ourselves *because we are lazy*, we let mr. creepy do it for us. so while i was doing the last minute packing for camping, he was in the swimming pool giving himself pneumonia. i didn't even think about the picture until after he came bolting inside for a hot shower. darn.

camping was much better than i expected. perhaps it was because we were within a gator's drive to a house where we could use a real toilet instead of having to go in the woods, and i could check facebook on my iphone :) *hmmm...maybe we should consider this type of camping more of "glamping" than camping?* i also got to catch up with lots of people from church that i haven't seen in awhile, which was a nice treat! we roasted hot dogs, smores, etc. and hung around the campfire chatting while the kids went on hay rides around the property. we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful night! the sky was lit up with an almost full moon and the crisp fall air was perfect camping weather. ryan and i didn't get to there until just about dark though, so we ended up setting up our tent in the dark. everything went smoothly until we climbed in our tent that night to go to sleep and realized that our feet were elevated above our heads. guess we didn't pick as flat of a spot as we thought! we turn ourselves around and went to sleep pretty quickly, only to wake up several more times in the night to find that we had slid downhill towards the end of the tent. so much for a peaceful night's sleep, but oh well! it was fun.

the next day we were both pretty wiped out but we headed home to do the dreaded task of closing the pool. much to both of our surprise, we got everything closed up without any arguments or marital spats. i think that is a serious first when it comes to the pool! i guess that's a good sign of our growing marital maturity, right? :)

here's a picture of the green swamp before we closed her up...anyone up for a dip *besides Ryan*?:

and here she is all closed up for the winter, PTL!:

saturday night, i had a girls' night out, which was much needed! we went to this cute bistro/martini bar and then off to play pool at a sports bar. i've got to tell ya, after having so many friends who are new moms, i have learned more than about breast feeding, body changes during and after pregnancy, and sleep deprivation than i ever wanted to know. it makes me appreciate that we're only having a paper pregnancy this time around :) i also learned that i am truly horrible at pool. i think most of the time i was lucky to move any balls at all and sadly, i didn't make one into the pocket. sorry teammates! i warned you.

sunday, i worked in the infant nursery for the first time ever at church. i usually work in the pre-k room and ryan works in the infants, but there's a first time for everything. we have a ton of small kids in our church so it was fun to get to hang out with a different group for awhile. all the babies are adorable and definitely reminded me that i'm ready *well, as ready as i can be* to have one in our home soon!

after church, we headed to 41st street to work on the inner-city daycare. surprisingly, i really feel like we're beginning to make some progress and can really see a difference. the walls and ceiling are looking so much better, and we hope to have all the mudding and sanding finished up in the next couple of weeks. we still need to figure out what type of flooring to put in but once we complete that, we'll be ready to roll on the painting and far my favorite part!
here are some shots from yesterday's work:

linz and i after lots of sanding...we are HOT, well, a HOT MESS that is!!

the soon to be, beautiful office space and home to some great people!

ryan finally attempting to get something done. i think he mistakenly thinks he's a supervisor or something half the time :)

all in all, it was a great weekend! now back to another week in the real world...