Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sweeney life update

well, it's been awhile since i've updated on here about happenings in our lives. not too much interesting going on yet as we are still waiting to receive a placement call for a foster-to-adopt baby (or babies!), but still some stuff worth sharing. *i think :)*

ryan has been busy traveling a lot with his new job, and is really starting to like it. he's been all over the country this summer, including oklahoma, las vegas, tennessee, boston, etc. and he's got more trips planned for the future. soon, he'll be off to atlanta, topeka, and back to boston. i was hoping to get to go on a few of his shorter trips with him, but i've decided instead to keep banking my off time at work for when we get a placement. i think i have a little over 5 days of comp. time built up so far, so i'm planning on taking at a week off whenever we get a placement. i can't remember if i've mentioned before what ryan is doing now or not, so i'll just mention it again. he's selling those jumbo, annoying LED signs that scroll messages, pictures, etc. to sign dealers across the country:the company he's working for has been around for 15+ years now, but it's been pretty small until recently so they've only ever had the owner doing sales. ryan is the first legitimate "outside sales rep" they've had, so he is busy setting up lots of new accounts and is pretty much pursuing the entire US as his territory. fun stuff.

although there have been some ups and downs with this new job as he's trying to get set-up, we have been really blessed for him to have it. i can tell a significant difference in our marriage and our spiritual lives since he left hh gregg. we have way more time for each other now and actually get to go to family and church functions together, which is pretty new to us even after over 3 years of marriage. we are so grateful and know that God has been providing for us all along in His perfect timing.

speaking of timing...yes, that leads me to a foster-to-adopt update!! we have now been approved for 2 months and have still yet to receive a call that we could really consider. we have received the 2 placement calls for the sibling groups of 4 kids, but just knew that we could not possibly have handled such a large jump into parenthood - it wouldn't have been fair to us or the kids. i have admittedly been pretty discouraged that we still haven't received a placement yet, but i am trusting that God doesn't have the right kid(s) for us lined up yet. who knows, maybe they aren't even born yet?!? anyways, ryan and i have been praying about calling our social worker this thursday just to touch base and see if she has any news for us. i'm sure that she probably won't but i think it will be good just to hear her assure us that our day is coming! i just keep waiting, praying and wishing for the phone to ring...but so far we have heard a resounding...NOTHING. maybe soon, though?!?!?
while we're on the subject of foster-to-adopt, please say a prayer for our friends who got a baby girl from the program about a month ago. her case is going to court tomorrow so pray that everything goes smoothly. this is just a pretty routine hearing *so we think*, so just pray that no major revelations come from court tomorrow - unless they're good revelations, of course! we got to babysit for her and their other 3 kids last night and they're always such a great family to be around!! we'll be beyond lucky if we end up with kiddos like theirs someday :)

in other news, we have been prepping for a huge yard sale this weekend! our neighborhood has a big sale this time every year, but this is the first time i'll actually be participating as a home owner, not just as a kid living with mom and dad. we got new bedroom furniture a little over a month ago, so i'm hoping to sell our old bed, along with a bunch of other random stuff, like the old range/stove from the kitchen before the remodel. my mom and my sister are also gonna be bringing over stuff to sell so hopefully we'll all get rid of lots of "stuff". have you ever watched the show "hoarders" on A&E? i watched it for the first time this weekend, and i felt more than inspired to get all our extra junk picked up around our house. i don't ever want to be confused for a hoarder!! *and no, this is not an actual picture from our house...*

also, tonight we're kicking off the first week of our new community group with church. while we're sad to leave our old clan in the dust, we're excited to be in our new group and to see how God will use it to further His kingdom. we had such a great time growing spiritually, building deep friendships and serving our inner-city community with the folks in our last group, so we're praying that He's got lots in store for this one too! it is so nice to finally be back in a place where we're living in community with other believers. we got a little spoiled in college when we were involved with campus crusade for Christ, but fell off the bandwagon a bit after we got married and were finished with school. thankfully, when we moved back home, we got plugged in with our church and we love it so much!!

so, what's new with you?? come on, leave me a comment, would ya? i know you're out there :)