Tuesday, September 1, 2009

project nursery: crafts

ryan and i have been working on our nursery little by little since about june. there are still some finishing touches to do but i'm really happy with the way it has turned out so far. i have been quite busy lately trying to occupy my extra time with random craft projects, including ones for the nursery. i think i am just trying to keep my mind off wondering when we'll actually get the right call and who will be joining our family, so i've been doing crafts. i guess this is the foster/adopt mom's version of nesting :)

anyways, here are a few things i have been working on as of late for our soon to be bundle(s) joining our family:
*embroidery hoop/fabric wall decorations with little applique lab puppies on them to look like our lab yawkey
*an up close shot...(notice the neutral colors...surely yellow, chocolate brown, green and blue work for a boy or a girl, right??)
*the mobile that took me FOREVER!! - each circle has a different fabrics on each side (oh, and don't worry - something will be going on the wall over the crib, just haven't decided what yet...)

*up close and personal...

*burp cloths - ryan thinks that it's stupid to have decorative throw up rags, but what the heck! they're cute :)

*my first ever baby quilt - it's super soft! i made this several months ago when we were bound and determined to only accept a boy...now that we're gonna take either, i guess i need to get sewing again just in case...

i've still got more crafty ideas rolling around in my head, so maybe i'll post some more things when i get around to making those too. oh, and i'll post some more nursery pics soon too!!!

hope you're having a great day! the weather in kentucky is soooooo beautiful right now!! bring on fall...


Jennifer said...

Wow! you are so creative!!! I wish I had a bit more creativity going on in this mind of mine. :) Super cute nursery, can't wait to see more pictures.

lesli said...

oh thanks! i think it's less creativity, more boredom! :)