Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my new baby

i finally joined the rest of the world!! i now am a proud owner of an iphone :)

i have enjoyed getting it all set-up over the past 24 hours and am still learning lots of tricks. i debating for awhile about whether or not to make the switch from verizon to at&t but finally took the plunge yesterday. *well, the decision was actually pretty easy b/c we found out that ryan's work cell phone bill was $400 over last month because of all the time we talked. he got it worked out with at&t and doesn't have to pay all those overage fees, but we decided that mobile to mobile was very necessary if he didn't want to get fired!!*

so far i've gotten a good amount of contacts updated, synced my music, set-up my work email and my home email, and downloaded a few apps. any other recommendations? i know i'm kinda behind the times so suggestions would be lovely!!!