Wednesday, September 2, 2009

if i know one thing... is that waiting stinks!
*and i am not good at it.
*and i REALLY hope we get a placement soon.
*and that every time my phone rings, i spaz out trying to find it.
*and every time it's not a number from the placement team, i am disappointed.
*and if you called and i sounded disappointed when i answered, please don't take it personally.
*and if i leave my phone for just one second, when i get back, i check it religiously for missed calls.
*and when i don't have a missed call from the placement team, i am disappointed.
*and if i called you back and i sounded disappointed, please don't take it personally.
*and since my new diaper bag arrived today, i will go home and furiously pack it.
*and it will sit in the nursery waiting, just like me.

AHHHHHHH!!! i hate waiting. that requires patience :(

(also, i guess i know more than one thing after all...)


BrandAshley said...

Praying that you get a placement and get to use that diaper bag ASAP. Reading that reminded me of myself - I LOVE bags, so I had to find THE perfect bag. Sometimes that means spending a little more for it, but at least that's a guarantee to use it for a long time!! :)

Trish said...

I clearly remember feeling the way you are feeling...God knows the plans he has made for you! He knows the exact moment when you will get the call and he also knows your disppointment too! Praying for a placement soon!