Thursday, September 10, 2009, not our dog - the real "fenway park"

i'm soooooo bummed. ryan got to hang out at fenway park last night for the red sox vs. orioles game, and i didn't get to share in his joy, or be joyful myself for that matter :) he had to travel to boston for work on monday so he made sure that a visit to see his favorite team of all times was in the plans for his trip. i'm happy that he got to go see our beloved team but sad i couldn't go too! he took these pics last night on his iphone and uploaded it to facebook to share with me...what a dear.

the last time (and only time) i was in fenway park was the summer before ryan and i got engaged - 2005...i think. we actually decided that it would be fun to drive from lexington, ky all the way there and back in just 3 days *not sure what we were thinking, but we definitely had more energy then! my long-time friend, megan was living with me that summer in lexington and wanted to go too so we ventured on the road trip together. i think it was about an 18 hour drive so we left early in the morning and drove the whole way in one shot. we arrived in boston, cranky and tired but were pumped to be there. the 3 of us shared a room at an international youth hostel with a couple other strangers, which was out of our comfort zones to say the least. however, we survived the night there and managed not to get killed or robbed in our sleep, which was an added bonus for the trip!! the next day we got to explore the city and shop a bit before watching the bosox and the dreaded yankees battle it out. unfortunately, we must have been bad luck charms because they lost, but it still was fun to be there and see everything in person! the game was at night so afterwards we walked around the city and enjoyed hearing the famous boston accents all around us. (i admittedly usually don't like northern accents, but something about being in boston and surrounded by other red sox fans made it alright!!) the next morning, we woke up super early and made the looooong drive all over again so we could get back to work the next day. it was such a fun trip but definitely not something i could do today! i'm too old for that now ;)
anyways, hopefully i'll get back to fenway someday soon!! i love watching ryan cheer excitedly (and loudly) for his team. i can't wait until we have kids that we can indoctrinate in the ways of all things red sox too! *fyi - we didn't sign any papers with the state saying we couldn't push our fan-dom on them!!!! *plus - the bosox pulled out the win last night - 7 to 5 against the orioles. GO SOX GO!!