Thursday, September 3, 2009

an embarassing encounter with a picnic table

i admit that i've been pretty blue lately, and i think my depressing blogs are probably reflecting it. *sorry to put you through that!!* i'll try to be a little more cheery from here on out :) so, in order to mix it up a bit, i'd love to tell you about a funny encounter i had with a picnic table on tuesday afternoon...

i went to meet my sister for lunch at her office. she works for my dad's engineering firm, so the atmosphere is much more serious/uptight than what i'm used to. it's a company of about 50 employees, many of which know more about math than i ever want to. i digress... so, she had picked up mcalister's - one of my absolute favorites! - for us and my dad. it was a really beautiful day outside so we thought it would be nice to sit outside and have a little fresh air with our yummy lunch. my sister, jenn, and i sat down on one side of the picnic table and my dad sat across from us. *mind you, i had just been to a funeral, so i was wearing a dress, heals, and the whole nine, which already made it quite uncomfortable to be sitting at a picnic table, but i did it any way...stupid me!!*

we lunched and chatted for awhile, and as usual, my dad gulped down his food so he could get back to work, and thankfully, he went back inside. a few minutes later, another woman from the office came to sit outside at the table next to us. because of the type of dress i had on, it was most comfortable to sit at the table with my knees leaning to one side or the other. i had been sitting with my knees facing towards my sister while we were eating but since we struck up a conversation with the other woman, i tried to shift around to face her a little better. unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, most people at the office had been avoiding that side of the picnic table for weeks because the boards on that side looked like they were rotting.

i wish i would have known that before i shifted because when i did, i heard CRACK, and down i went!!! one piece of the bench had cracked right underneath us and i landed on my back in the bushes with my feet up in the air underneath the table. talk about embarrassing!! i'm so glad that no one else was out there but us girls, especially my dad, because i'm pretty sure that God and the whole country saw more than they wanted to! my sister lucked out and was sitting far enough on the other side of the bench that she was close to where the boards were nailed in so she didn't take a dive into the mulch bed like me. lucky girl!!

i laughed at myself for about 5 minutes before regaining my composure and brushing myself off. i guess God knew that i needed a little comic relief this week, but hopefully next time He provides some comedy in my life, it won't be centered around me :)

have you done anything embarrassing lately?? i have!


Trish said...

We probably could of used a good laugh after the past few days...did anyone tape it on utube? just kiddin!