Thursday, July 16, 2009

which way from here?

these days i'm wondering a lot about which way to go from here. i'm wondering if we are supposed to be straight up adopting a child from the foster care system or actually jumping fully into fostering and adopting if our foster child/children become available...

it seems like going into this i thought it would be much easier just to foster a child/children until they were available and then adopt. BUT, since we know that doesn't always happen, we're now not sure what to do. also, we recently heard through some friends who are also trying to foster-to-adopt in our county that their worker has told them there is absolutely no way they will be able to foster-to-adopt transracially. apparently, there are enough minority parents in the system now that they say our county's social workers will never assign a child of another race to our family (EVEN IF WE'RE A BETTER FIT!). for some people that may not matter, but it does to us. part of our motivation for wanting to become foster/adoptive parents was to eventually adopt transracially. while we know God is bigger than all of this and is ultimately the One appointing the right child to our family, this is another confusing blow.
there are so many children already available for adoption (including children of other races) that are pulling at our heart strings but we're not sure what God plans for us. it takes awhile to find a child, apply to adopt them, and wait to see if you're matched with them or not, so that path's not exactly a gravy train either. we've called on about 6 kiddos/sets of siblings and so far have only heard back from 3 of them, and they are all no longer available.
will you pray with us that God would make it clear which path He wants us to take? thanks!