Tuesday, July 28, 2009

adventures in vacation part 1.

two saturdays ago, ryan and i left the nest and traveled with our family to georgia for a few days. we had a great time BUT, in our family's typical fashion, a slow start to say the least!  we planned to pull out of town about 7:00 a.m. but had a few detours first. 

our first major frustration delay was the time consuming puzzle of packing 2 SUVs, 9 people, 2 puppies, 1 trailer, 2 kayaks, 2 kids' bikes, luggage, luggage and more luggage, tubs of food, laundry supplies and bedding, toys, books, movies, fishing gear, tons of soda and bottled water, etc.  ryan and i woke up bright and early and were waiting and waiting for the ridiculous family caravan to arrive.  **see below for said ridiculous family caravan (oh, and yes, i did blur out our house in the background for fear of a creepy stalker finding out where we live. and no, i do not drive one of those monstrous vehicles):

unfortunately, the caravan did not arrive on schedule. ahem, it actually did not arrive until 9:15! poor ryan had to sit through an entire episode of "so you think you can d@nce" that morning while waiting. when everyone did arrive, we did some quick rearranging and were off.  well not quite...

we thought we'd swing through mickey d's for a quick breakfast before hitting the road, but we must have hit at their fast food rush hour because we were there for an HOUR. we had to wait on our food and then send back everything that was wrong, only to wait some more. at 10:15, we went to fill up the cars and thought we'd finally get on the road.  wrong again!

at the gas station, my brother in law noticed that the tires on the trailer were not looking so hot. they both had a pretty bad case of dry rot so we needed to stop and get new ones. 3 1/2 hours after we were supposed to be leaving, we found ourselves parked at wa1-mart waiting to get new tires put on the trailer. we browsed the store, watched youtube videos on my dad's phone and waited.  finally at 11:30, all the tires were replaced and the rubber could finally hit the road.

after such a crazy start to the day, we would have expected nothing less than a long drive down, which is exactly what we got. there was a ton of traffic due to accidents and construction so we managed to turn our 8 hour trip into an all day affair. however, even though it was a nutso day, i would have rather spent it with my family than any one else!!