Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend recap

well, what a weekend! i feel very ramped up for christmas now that we've officially joined in the season by attending our first (and second) christmas parties, wrapping christmas gifts, drinking buckets full of hot chocolate, and receiving some delightful christmas cards from our dear friends and family.

saturday night was our church christmas party and it was a blast!! who knew that giving junk from around the house could make for such a comical evening :) wouldn't you know that ryan would be the one to open the nosiest/most annoying gift?!? two words: FINGER CYMBALS! oh yes, he was like #5 to open a white elephant gift, in which was enclosed some lovely finger cymbals. so instead of sitting quietly while the rest of the gang picked/opened/stole gifts from each other, he proceeded to celebrate the whole time by clanging the finger cymbals. much to my dismay, i was sitting right next to him!!! i thought my hearing was bad before...

thankfully after all the gift giving was said and done, linda was sweet enough to trade him her darth vader bobblehead for his gift of goodies. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! we may not still be married if he made it home with those things!

sunday was my dad's company christmas party, which proved to be less than thrilling. i was only there for about an hour but spent most of my time playing babysitter for my sister, who is the point person on all company shindigs, and trying to figure out who would fit the profile of my favorite "the office" characters. there were quite a lot of similarities to dwight, as could be expected in any engineering firm, but no jim and pam to speak of...

after about an hour, my oldest niece, mikayla, started feeling like she was going to throw up, so i got a hall pass to leave with the sick child in tow. poor thing, she must have the crazed stomach flu that's going around. i'm just hoping the rest of the family won't catch it because i don't do sickness very well.

(poor mikayla!! she was so sick that yawkey would not leave her side)

anyways, well that was our weekend in a nutshell. hope you had a great one. happy monday!