Monday, December 22, 2008

taking up running

i have decided that i want need to start running. i have never enjoyed it but i really want to find a new form of exercise that i have to really commit to in order to be successful. the only time that i have ever run on a regular basis before was in high school when playing field hockey, which was just 1 mile before every practice. i feel like now is as good of a time as any other. i have been trying to drop all the weight i gained in college, plus the extra 50 lbs. or so i picked up since getting married, and i need a workout regimen that will keep me motivated. i have also been doing weight watchers since the end of september, and am proud to report that i have now lost 20.4 lbs and counting!!!! it seems like i have an eternity to go, but it took awhile to pack on, so i'm sure it will take away to take off. ryan has now joined me on the healthy living bandwagon and so we're trying to do this together. i'm going to try the couch potato to 5K running plan so wish me luck because i'm starting today!!

this will be me in a matter of weeks:

a girl can dream, right???