Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christ-centered Christmas...

last night at small group, we were talking about the true meaning of christmas and discussing how easy it is to glaze over all the amazing truths that christmas actually symbolizes. i mean seriously, Christ chose to come into this crazy world as a baby - both fully human and fully God - to break us from the bonds of the law. not only did He chose to become a baby, He also was born to a teenage girl and placed in a manger...not born to a king and placed on a throne like He deserved. He truly humbled Himself and took our(my) place on the cross. this should be the true meaning and focus of christmas!!!!

unfortunately, it is just so easy for me to lose this perspective and see christmas only through the eyes of presents, shopping, decorations, etc. basically, christmas has been broken down to how much money i'm going to spend and on who...i'm pathetic, i know.

anyways, it's probably too late in the game for some of these this year but here are some ideas i'm contemplating for a more Christ-centered christmas":
-buying gifts that make an impact on the world, not just on a closet or toy chest of a loved one (Donate Love - Sozo International, World Vision & International Justice Mission)
-convincing the family to pool our money and take a family vacation instead
-shop for a child off the Angel Tree
-free babysitting to friends and family that need a break
-actually reading the christmas story straight from the Bible on christmas morning rather than rushing to open presents
-giving out cookies to our neighbors, especially ones we don't know
-having a christmas pot-luck dinner with friends instead of buying gifts for each other
-baking a b-day cake for Jesus
-going out carolling with the family
-offering to pay for a stranger's gas during the holiday shopping season
-going to a restaurant on christmas eve or christmas day just for a drink, and then leaving a large tip

hopefully verbalizing some of these ideas will hold me accountable. merry christmas y'all~