Friday, December 12, 2008

as we know it

life update...

ryan is still looking for a new job so he can finally get out of the retail industry. we are really praying that he can find something with more normal hours, like an 8-5/M-F. plus, the job has to be something local because we are absolutely not moving again!! we just got back home and the thought of picking up and moving again makes us both feel sick! he's put out a few resumes and has his ear to the ground on openings, but nothing concrete yet. this is a major prayer for us because we really don't feel like we can start a family or pursue anything with adoption until he has something with more family friendly hours. it's really not about the money, but more the lack of time that he has at home right now. we just don't feel like it would be fair to our child/children to have a dad gone as much as he is right now, so please pray for us!!

i am still plugging away with my new job in louisville (actually, i've been there 7 months already so i guess it's not really new any more!), and really enjoying it. we are currently trying to raise some serious general funds just for our normal operations, and with the current economy, it has been going more slowly than we would like. fortunately, we know God's got a much bigger bank account than we could ever hope for, so the money will come from somewhere if God wants things to move forward.

as far as the rest of our lives...
we are staying busy with church stuff and other extracurriculars. we both are really enjoying volunteering in the children's ministry at fellowship - i work with pre-k and ryan works with infants (scary, i know!!). we have been so blessed to make a lot of good friends through our small group and church, so we've been busy hanging out with them whenever we can.

also, we are both trying to turn over a new leaf and get healthy. i always joke that i didn't gain the freshman 15 in college but the freshman 50. sadly, it didn't just stop my freshman year!!! so, now i've been doing weight watchers since the end of september and have lost 18.8 lbs to date! i've got a long way to go so i'm trying to keep up the workouts and am working on learning to cook/eat healthier. just as of this week, i think i've finally got ryan on board with trying to lose weight as well. it took a little bribing and arm twisting, but the promise of a wii if he loses 30 lbs was just enough to get him in the game finally!!! i'll keep you updated on our progress :)

we are also trying to spend as much time as we can with our families now that we're back in louisville. although this hasn't been as easy as i thought it would be, we are grateful for all the extra time we get to spend with everyone. my sister's kids, brother - stuart and brother-in-law - zachary are all growing like weeds!! it makes me feel so old when i hang out with them!

anyways, we've got a slew of Christmas parties to go to this weekend, even though i'll be flying solo to most of them, so it should be pretty busy. hope you have a great weekend! x0x0-