Monday, September 8, 2008

prayer needed!!!

i just wanted to drop a quick note asking for prayer today as my sister and her husband have the custody hearing for baby sam. they have had temporary custody of him since he was born a little over 3 weeks ago. his mom has recently expressed interest in getting him back if cps allows. we knew this was a possibility all along but the reality of letting him go is much harder than we all imagined. although, we've only known him for 3 weeks, he's already left a huge impression on all of us and is a part of our family. i spent quite a bit of time with him and would love to be able to continue watching him grow up and change, especially in a healthy and loving environment!!!! its hard not to love him already!

my prayer is that if his mom does get custody back that she will really be ready to embrace the changes that are necessary to raise him properly and that he will not have to go through the things that his older brother has had to endure. if she's not ready to make these changes, i pray that he will not have to go back to her, now or ever...

please pray for Jennifer and Jason specifically, and even for their daughters Mikayla and Mikenna as they are going to take this very hard. the hearings at 1:30 today, so i'll keep you posted.