Monday, September 1, 2008


with this long weekend has come an exciting opportunity for me: staying in the house and becoming a hermit!! seriously, i have not left the house in over 27 hours and that makes me feel like a hermit. what in the world?? i guess after a summer of being on the go, i just need some down time! it seems like life has just gotten away from me since moving home and i've lost a great sense of privacy. when ryan and i were living in nicholasville, we would always go to lexington to hang out with friends or would mostly go home to visit family. our house was like our little haven away from everything. now, our house seems to be a revolving door: ryan bringing friends over on lunch, family stopping by from time to time, friends are coming and going, people working on the house, etc. needless to say, i feel like i don't have much time to myself anymore! i'm not saying that is a bad thing necessarily, but it is something that takes some getting used to...

anyways, since i have the opportunity, i decided to come home from lunch yesterday after church and stay awhile in our humble abode. yesterday, i was quite unproductive. i mostly caught up on all my missed episodes of project runway and big brother, but today on the other hand, i've scrubbed sinks, put away mountains of laundry and unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher plenty of times. i'm feeling pretty good about my personal retreat/hermitage weekend :) hope you all enjoyed some relaxing down time this weekend too!